The Dakar Experience

27 September – 1 October, 2019


Experience Dakar, Senegal with Us

from 27 September – 1 October, 2019

Dakar, one of West Africa’s most dynamic cities is home to diverse people, unique experiences, and rich history. As Senegal’s capital, Dakar is better known for its food, music, tropical beauty and mbalax-fueled nightclubs.

We’ve put together a flow of memorable moments and experiences that will help you gain inspiration and clarity of Senegal. At the end of this travel experience, you’ll walk away with a true taste of what Senegalese culture has to offer, together with new friendships, and a deeper connection with Africa.

Bucketlist Activities

– African Renaissance Monument
– Goree Island (House of Slaves, Door of No return)
– Lake Rose/ Pink Lake
– Surfing (Additional Cost)
– Local Transportation (Car Rapide)

What to look forward to

– Visit the local market, cook and eat traditional food.
– Indulge in Senegal’s local art, monuments and transatlantic slave trade history.
– Connect with an intimate group size of no more than 6 travelers


Photo Credit: The Spirited Pursuit & Sopsiak Photography

Trip Basics

Senegal is simply a country you have to experience for yourself!

Dates: September 27th– October 1st, 2019
Trip Length: 5 days, 4 nights (with optional 2 nights add-on)
Trip Style: Active & Explorer
Group Size: 6 total (including host)
Accommodation Type: Senegalese boutique hotel
Meals: Daily Breakfast & 1 local lunch
Host: Ayomide Oluwole
Extension: Optional 3 days, 2 Nights Extension Available at a resort in Saly, Senegal.

Itinerary Highlights

Detailed itinerary will be shared with travellers after payment.

Day 1: Welcome to Senegal

We’ll whisk you away from DSS Airport after your arrival into the city and take you to your accommodation. After you get settled in, we’ll all head out for dinner and kick off our new journey together.

Day 2: Dig Deep

Today, we’ll be taking a tour that gives you a deep dive into Dakar’s roots. Walking through the city, visiting local markets, sampling local food, stopping at the African Renaissance Monument to take in the amazing view and learning about the people and getting our first taste of “Teranga,” – a word in Wolof that means hospitality.

Day 3: Pink Lake + Beach Bum

We’ll head to Lake Rose, also known as the pink lake while quad racing on the banks. Afterwards, we’ll relax and have lunch on the beach. Spend the night exploring the nightlife on the rooftop of a club!

Day 4: Past to Present

Today, we’ll be taking a journey to Goree Island, a small, car-free island off the coast of Dakar, known for its role in the Atlantic slave trade. We’ll visit the House of Slaves and the Door of No Return, which is believed to be one of the final exit points for many men, women and children from Africa being taken to America. You’ll walk away with a history lesson you won’t get in any textbook.

Use the rest of the day to check off those final items on your list for the city before you head back.

In the evening, you will come together for a memorable dinner at a restaurant with a remarkable view to reflect on and celebrate this experience we’ve created together.

Day 5: Goodbyes are Hard

We know, it feels like you just got here, but it’s time to say goodbye. The week may have flown by, but the memories and friendships you’ve made will last forever.

Trip Cost

Our trips are open to travellers within and outside Nigeria.

Experience Only

Flight Fare Not Included
Experience Only
₦210,000 for 5 Days, 4 Nights in Dakar, Senegal
  • 4 Nights Boutique Hotel Accommodation
  • Dakar to Hotel Airport Transfers
  • City Tours and Transport
  • Daily Breakfast and Lunch Meals
  • Visa on Arrival and Processing
  • Concierge Service and Gifts

Full Package

Flight Fare Included
Full Package
₦450,000 for 5 Days, 4 Nights in Dakar, Senegal
  • Flight from Lagos Nigeria
  • 4 Nights Boutique Hotel Accommodation
  • Dakar to Hotel Airport Transfers
  • City Tours and Transport
  • Daily Breakfast and Lunch Meals
  • Visa on Arrival and Processing
  • Concierge Service and Gifts

Experience Extension

optional 2 nights add-on
Experience Extension
₦40,000 for 2 Nights in Saly, Senegal
  • 2 Nights Beach Resort Accommodation
  • City Tours and Transport
  • Daily Breakfast and Lunch Meals
  • Concierge Service and Gifts
Payment Plan: A 40% Non-refundable deposit is required for the first payment and the balance to be completed on or before August 15th 2019.

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